Week 4 Diary Entry

WOW! where do l start. This book was amazing but the ending could of been better like when Olive and Lachlan were in the water a shark would of came up and ate them!!! But that would not of happened because Olive is the main character. I am so happy Olive and Lachlan ended up together because they are like the perfect couple. MIRANDA is so annoying! If l was Olive i would do something about her even if i was not quite sure that she was a shape shifter. This book was amazing and it was so descriptive and Em Bailey describe the character so well and how the characters felt and it was just so good.I really hope we do Lit circles next year because this year I really enjoyed lit circles and it is probalby my favourite thing in English and i hope that i get another great book just like this one. #SHIFT 2 if there is another one 🙂 This book has had me hanging on the edge every week as soon as i had finished the 7 chapters it was just a great book but the ending i wish was better but it was FANTASTIC!

Diary Entry Week 3

I reckon Olive will die!!!!!!!!

WOW this book is sooo weird but good at the same time. This week would have to be my favourite so far but it might change my mind for the last time next week #depends on who dies!. I am not quite sure of what will happen to Miranda but l want someone to stop her because she has gone to far. I love it how Lachlan is trying to look out for Olive because of Miranda and what she is planing on doing to Olive. This is one of the best books l have read because it is so mysterious and it makes the reader hang on not knowing what will happen next and then something power full appends just like Katie’s death. I really wish they could make a movie for this because it would be so good. I like Olive because she does something different every chapter and she slowly un peels unexpected things about herself but that makes the book interesting. I really DO hope that Lachlan and Olive will end up going out because Lachlan really does like her and he has tried so hard to be ROMANTIC. I REALLY REALLY want to know is who is MIRANDA!!!!!!

Week 2 Diary Entry

WOW!!!,This book is so interesting and l was not expecting that to happen. This book is bringing me into the character worlds so it is like I am there and I am so glad I choose this book, it is so good. The first night I started to read the second part I  finish it, in one night, I couldn’t stop reading it, was so good. I can not believe that Miranda KILLED Katie, I was so angry. I really want Olive to show so love towards Lachlan because they are like the perfect couple. I really want there to be a movie for this book to see what all of the characters look like and especially Lachlan!.I wonder if Miranda will get caught for what she has being doing even what she did to Katie because she is starting to annoy me. Also l don’t want Miranda and conner to go out because Miranda is rude and mean. I also want to find out what the old Olive did to her dad before she had changed and why isn’t her family annoyed at her for what she did. I also wonder how Mrs Falippi is going after Miranda put drugs into her coffee.

Discussion Director Week 2


1) Do you think that Olive has feelings for Lachlan?

2) Why do you think that Olive helped Katie?

3) What do you think that old Olive did before she changed?

4) How do you think Olive felt when Miranda went to come see Katie?

5) Why do you think that Miranda is trying to become friends after she was mean to Katie

Diary Entry Week 1

After reading 7 chapters of shift it has got me so interested that I just wanted to read more. When I started to read it page after page I got so in love with shift. It was so interesting how Miranda was so quiet in the first 2 chapters of the book and then she became best friends with Katie so Katie did not want to hangout with Justine anymore. I thought something bad was going to happen. My favourite character in the book so far would have to be Lachlan because I have a feeling that he might be interested in Olive but i don’t think she is interested in him, Also my other favourite character would have to be Ami because she has very strong opinions but she is always there for Olive when she needed help. I can’t believe that Miranda put drugs in Mrs Falippi’s coffee mug during her detention so she went crazy in the forest that night and got all angry at Olive for trying to help her. I feel very sorry for her family because her brother has a lot of nightmares about bad things and that their dad have left them sadly.

Word Wizard Week 1

Wincing To tense the body as from pain. 17
Pheromones Any chemical substance released by an animal that serves to influence the behavior of other members of the same species. 12
Devised To continue,plan,or elaborate.To devise a method. 22
Machos Did not find definition in the dictionary 29
Sniggering to laugh, sniffling a laugh 29