Week 4 Diary Entry

WOW! where do l start. This book was amazing but the ending could of been better like when Olive and Lachlan were in the water a shark would of came up and ate them!!! But that would not of happened because Olive is the main character. I am so happy Olive and Lachlan ended up together because they are like the perfect couple. MIRANDA is so annoying! If l was Olive i would do something about her even if i was not quite sure that she was a shape shifter. This book was amazing and it was so descriptive and Em Bailey describe the character so well and how the characters felt and it was just so good.I really hope we do Lit circles next year because this year I really enjoyed lit circles and it is probalby my favourite thing in English and i hope that i get another great book just like this one. #SHIFT 2 if there is another one 🙂 This book has had me hanging on the edge every week as soon as i had finished the 7 chapters it was just a great book but the ending i wish was better but it was FANTASTIC!

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Diary Entry

  1. Olivia, sorry! Unfortunately there isn’t a Shift #2 and we don’t do Lit Circles in Yr 9. However, I have been impressed with the development of your blog and have enjoyed following your journey with the book. You have been an enthusiastic group member, always sharing in discussions and producing some great work to show your group. I am looking forward to your final presentation.

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