Diary Entry Week 3

I reckon Olive will die!!!!!!!!

WOW this book is sooo weird but good at the same time. This week would have to be my favourite so far but it might change my mind for the last time next week #depends on who dies!. I am not quite sure of what will happen to Miranda but l want someone to stop her because she has gone to far. I love it how Lachlan is trying to look out for Olive because of Miranda and what she is planing on doing to Olive. This is one of the best books l have read because it is so mysterious and it makes the reader hang on not knowing what will happen next and then something power full appends just like Katie’s death. I really wish they could make a movie for this because it would be so good. I like Olive because she does something different every chapter and she slowly un peels unexpected things about herself but that makes the book interesting. I really DO hope that Lachlan and Olive will end up going out because Lachlan really does like her and he has tried so hard to be ROMANTIC. I REALLY REALLY want to know is who is MIRANDA!!!!!!

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