Week 2 Diary Entry

WOW!!!,This book is so interesting and l was not expecting that to happen. This book is bringing me into the character worlds so it is like I am there and I am so glad I choose this book, it is so good. The first night I started to read the second part I  finish it, in one night, I couldn’t stop reading it, was so good. I can not believe that Miranda KILLED Katie, I was so angry. I really want Olive to show so love towards Lachlan because they are like the perfect couple. I really want there to be a movie for this book to see what all of the characters look like and especially Lachlan!.I wonder if Miranda will get caught for what she has being doing even what she did to Katie because she is starting to annoy me. Also l don’t want Miranda and conner to go out because Miranda is rude and mean. I also want to find out what the old Olive did to her dad before she had changed and why isn’t her family annoyed at her for what she did. I also wonder how Mrs Falippi is going after Miranda put drugs into her coffee.

3 thoughts on “Week 2 Diary Entry

  1. I am glad you are enjoying the book, Olivia. Did you suspect that Ami was imaginary? I didn’t – I had to re-read the book to see if there were any clues. Good work.


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