Diary Entry Week 1

After reading 7 chapters of shift it has got me so interested that I just wanted to read more. When I started to read it page after page I got so in love with shift. It was so interesting how Miranda was so quiet in the first 2 chapters of the book and then she became best friends with Katie so Katie did not want to hangout with Justine anymore. I thought something bad was going to happen. My favourite character in the book so far would have to be Lachlan because I have a feeling that he might be interested in Olive but i don’t think she is interested in him, Also my other favourite character would have to be Ami because she has very strong opinions but she is always there for Olive when she needed help. I can’t believe that Miranda put drugs in Mrs Falippi’s coffee mug during her detention so she went crazy in the forest that night and got all angry at Olive for trying to help her. I feel very sorry for her family because her brother has a lot of nightmares about bad things and that their dad have left them sadly.

One thought on “Diary Entry Week 1

  1. Well done, Olivia. I am so pleased you are enjoying the book as much as you are already. Miranda is such a creepy character, she has you guessing all the time. I hope this week is even better for you – I think it will be.


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